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Laser teeth whitening in Sofia

What is laser teeth whitening?

Everybody wants their teeth to be perfectly white. The choice of how to achieve them is increasingly difficult because of all the opportunities offered both on the market and in dental surgeries. Laser whitening is the most recent and effective procedure that has piqued everyone's interest. It is available at the Kavident Dental Center, along with other cutting-edge technologies.

Professional whitening with our dental specialist is always preferred to at-home conditions. Kavident reduces the risk of side effects and ensures a better effect. This is especially true if you want to undergo a laser teeth whitening treatment, which is currently the best option for achieving a perfect smile.

This is a method of teeth whitening that is performed in a dental office. This is one of the fastest and preferred procedures in aesthetic dentistry. It uses a special whitening agent and laser to produce an instantaneous result.

Laser teeth whitening technology

1. Preparation

The first step is to thoroughly clean the dental surface of tartar and plaque of all kinds. This is accomplished by using ultrasound or AirFlow, a special powder and water jet device for cleaning and polishing the teeth.

2. Whitening

The soft tissues (gums) are insulated with rubber plates, and a special gel based on hydrogen peroxide - the active whitening agent - is applied to the tooth. Its composition is identical to that used in at-home whitening procedures, but it has a higher concentration.

The gel breaks down into water and oxygen radicals that penetrate deep into the enamel and destroy accumulations at the molecular level. This action is repeated up to three times until the desired level of whitening is reached.

This distinguishes the procedure from ordinary chemical bleaching, where a reaction between substances activates the process, and the risk of damaging the enamel is higher.

The unique laser technology also allows for the whitening of a part of the dentin, which is not possible with chemical procedures. This guarantees you a longer-lasting effect that is visible even after the first procedure. Our specialists from Kavident Dental Centre estimate its duration and the number of visits required to achieve the desired nuance.

Advantages of laser teeth whitening

1. Laser whitening is less harmful than professional chemical bleaching.

2. It is not associated with unpleasant sensations such as heating of the gum tissue, bleeding, and inflammation.

3. Whitening with up to 7-10 nuances is possible with only one procedure, which is not possible without the placement of veneers.

4. The procedure lasts between thirty minutes and one hour, depending on how much and what effect we want to achieve.

5. We can enjoy the effect immediately after the end of the procedure, but the final color stabilizes a few days later.

6. With proper care, our teeth can remain white for years.

When laser teeth whitening is not recommended

1. Whitening procedures are not recommended for people who have fillings on visible teeth surfaces. There will be a color difference between the material and the tooth in such cases. Then, after whitening, seals in question must be replaced to achieve the desired effect.

2. Laser whitening is not recommended for congenital defects or increased enamel sensitivity.

3. It is not recommended for children under 18 years of age.

Teeth whitening aftercare

Our dental specialist will give you the right advice on how to maintain the effect of laser whitening for as long as possible.

The most important thing is maintaining good oral hygiene and having regular professional cleaning with our dental specialist in Kavident. The specialist will also recommend a specific toothpaste to use to maintain the effect of the procedure.

Some daily habits, such as smoking, drinking coffee, and drinking red wine, can also cause premature yellowing and discoloration of the tooth surface, affecting the white color.

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