Тeeth whitening Sofia

What is teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the umbrella term for various procedures and manipulations aimed at achieving a whiter and more beautiful smile. They can be performed both at home and in the dental specialist's office, and there is also a combined method.

To make an informed decision between the various whitening methods, it is important to understand their pros, cons, and other details such as the time required, the duration of the results, and, last but not least, the risks they may pose.

Laser teeth whitening

Laser teeth whitening is the most up-to-date, easy, and effective way to get the dream Hollywood smile. This is a professional whitening that is performed in the office of our specialist from Kavident Dental Clinic. The procedure is completely painless and involves several steps, each of which is important to achieving a result that will likely exceed our client’s expectations.

Before scheduling a whitening appointment, we should consult with our dentist to see if there are any obstacles to undergoing the procedure. Such cases are rare, but we may still have to wait if we are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment or any other type of oral cavity treatment.

Laser whitening may not be the best option if we have established enamel or dentin weakness. If the patient has fillings or crowns on their front teeth, these will take on a different color than the tooth surface during laser whitening, which can be an issue if we choose this method.

And in the absence of such conditions, we proceed to action. The teeth must first be perfectly clean before they can become perfectly white. Kavident Dental Clinic uses an innovative device that employs the Airflow technology, which is based on air, water, and powder jets. It allows quick and effective cleaning of the tooth surface from plaque, calculus, and any overlays that cause unwanted staining.

The actual whitening is performed after the surface of the teeth has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. Soft protectors are used to carefully isolate the gums. In addition, patients will be fitted with special braces to keep their mouths open during the procedure. They will also put on protective glasses to protect their eyes from UV light.

While traditional chemical bleaching relies on the effect of a chemical reaction when several substances are applied, a hydrogen peroxide-based gel is solely used here. After applying it to the teeth, we have to wait a short while for it to take effect before the laser whitening device starts working.

It emits heat, which heats the whitening gel that has been applied. As a result, the gel breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen particles, which penetrate the tooth enamel and remove different types of stains. The whitening gel is washed away once all of the necessary tooth surfaces have been treated.

The laser whitening procedure is completely painless and has an immediate effect. Depending on how white the patient's teeth were before the procedure, the number of procedures required to achieve the desired effect may vary. The dental specialist will provide them with valuable guidance.

The fact that laser whitening is a gentle method with little risk of damage to the tooth enamel if done effectively should not be underestimated. However, it is completely normal for our teeth to be more sensitive than usual for a few days after the procedure, especially when consuming hot, cold, and sweet foods and drinks.

Teeth whitening aftercare

It is critical to maintain proper oral hygiene daily to prolong the effect of professional whitening. Regular cleaning with a brush, paste, and floss is mandatory, as is the use of dentist-approved whitening products. Professional teeth cleaning is also required to remove plaque and tartar effectively.

We must not forget that smoking and the regular consumption of drinks such as coffee and red wine are major contributors to the appearance of unwanted staining on the teeth. If we follow these basic recommendations, the effect of laser whitening can last not just a few months, but a year or more.

Teeth whitening at home

There are already dozens of products on the market that promise whiter teeth without the need to visit the dentist. They work based on various active ingredients, some of which contain hydrogen peroxide and others activated carbon. There are also those with all-natural ingredients.

We can use a teeth-whitening paste or a teeth-whitening gel for morning and night oral hygiene. Whitening strips and complete systems that include an activated charcoal product and braces that are placed over the teeth are also available. There are also UV light whitening devices for home use.

We can only find out which product is best for us by trial and error. Some require daily or weekly use, while others, such as whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, can be used continuously to maintain the effect. It is recommended not to combine whitening methods.

Generally, all of these home-use methods are suitable for people who need whitening by one or two tones and have whiter teeth with no specific stains. If we are not one of them, we are unlikely to see the desired result anytime soon. We must also exercise caution so that we do not cause irreversible damage to the tooth enamel.

Teeth whitening braces

Whitening with special braces is a method that combines home convenience with professional handwriting. And we are not talking about the standard braces that come with the whitening systems here, but rather braces that are custom-made in our dentist's office. For this purpose, a mold is removed, and these braces are created based on that. Therefore, their perfect fit is guaranteed, which is a prerequisite for much faster and more visible results.

It is recommended to have professional teeth cleaning as well as treatment for cavities and other dental problems before proceeding with the whitening process. We then need to revisit our dental professional's office to receive our custom aligners. From now on, whitening can be done at home.

What we must do is wear the braces regularly while applying a special whitening gel before then. Whether we sleep with them or only use them for a few hours depends on how white our teeth are right now, the effect we want, and how long we have been using this whitening method. The dentist monitors your progress.

The advantage of this method is that the effect can last longer with regular use than one or two professional whitening procedures. However, it requires our time every day, which some consider a disadvantage. Furthermore, the active component has a lower concentration and is therefore recommended for people with more sensitive teeth.

Advantages of laser teeth whitening

At the Kavident dental clinic, we use laser whitening to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. Therefore, it is the perfect option if we want to get a dazzling smile in the shortest possible time or before an important event that is coming up.

If we already have white teeth and just want to show off their radiance, one procedure may suffice. If the situation is exactly the opposite, then we guarantee results that are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve at home, regardless of the method used.

When whitening is performed by a professional, the risk of unwanted consequences is seriously reduced. After a consultation and a treatment plan, we will get exactly what we need without damaging our teeth.

Because it's not just about how they look, it's about how healthy they are. When using home whitening systems, there is a risk that we will overdo the procedures and still enjoy the results, but in doing so, we will cause other problems.

In terms of composition, the laser whitening gel is the same as that used at home, but its concentration is higher. That is why its effect is more immediate and visible. And nothing else is required of us, except to make an appointment at the Kavident dental clinic and leave ourselves in the hands of the experienced specialists.

We don't have to change our daily routine and add new whitening steps to it, nor do we have to deal with the inconvenience of sleeping with braces to wake up with the idea of whiter teeth.

Both the products and the equipment used for laser whitening are necessary to achieve the desired effect and to extend its duration. At Kavident, we can be confident that they are of the highest quality.

The highly qualified staff will take our requirements and individual characteristics into account, and we will undoubtedly leave the office smiling. Not only are we pleased with the outcome, but that dazzling smile is also worth seeing.

Teeth whitening price

The price of teeth whitening depends on the health of the teeth and whether additional procedures are required before the laser whitening. At Kavident Clinic, we have the latest whitening equipment to achieve the desired result.