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What Are Aligners?

Dental aligners are modern orthodontic devices that come in the form of removable clear trays. Tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient, they function similarly to braces by applying gradual pressure on the teeth, facilitating their alignment to the desired position.

These aligners are crafted from high-quality, clear plastic, ensuring a discreet and aesthetically pleasing appearance. This material also provides the necessary durability and resilience to effectively perform their function, offering a comfortable and attractive solution that addresses the primary concerns of patients.

Typically, the treatment duration with aligners is shorter than that with traditional braces and is suitable for mild to moderate cases. A unique aspect of aligner treatment is that patients progress through multiple sets of aligners during the process.

A single set is generally worn for about 1-2 weeks before being replaced by the next set in the sequence. However, the precise duration of each set can vary, depending on the individual treatment plan outlined by the orthodontist.

Types of Aligners

The rising popularity of clear aligners has naturally led to the development of various aligner systems. Among the most well-known brands globally is Invisalign, produced by an American company. Invisalign has become a benchmark for quality and precision in the field and is notable for being a pioneer, having introduced the first comprehensive aligner treatment system back in 1997.

Other popular aligner systems include ClearCorrect, Smilers, and CrystalLine, among others. While all clear aligners operate on the fundamental principle of gradually shifting and aligning teeth, there may be differences between brands in terms of design, manufacturing time, technology, and treatment processes.

Our patients will receive personalized attention and guidance from their orthodontist in selecting the most suitable aligner system, ensuring the achievement of their desired outcomes.

Advantages of Aligners

Clear aligners are cutting-edge orthodontic devices offering numerous benefits for those desiring a neat and attractive smile. Their foremost advantage is their near-invisibility, thanks to the clear plastic material from which they're made. This feature offers a level of discretion unmatched by traditional braces, the other common teeth-correction method, making clear aligners a favored choice for patients who prefer to keep their dental treatment inconspicuous.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, aligners also provide significant practical advantages. They are removable, allowing for short breaks throughout the day, which facilitates maintaining optimal oral hygiene. This removability drastically lowers the risk of dental issues such as cavities, staining, and plaque build-up, common challenges with fixed braces that complicate cleaning.

The ability to remove aligners also means that wearers can enjoy their meals without the dietary limitations associated with conventional braces. Furthermore, aligners are known for their comfort due to being custom-made for each individual, ensuring a perfect fit based on precise dental impressions. Advanced computer simulations also enable patients to preview their post-treatment smiles, adding an element of predictability and reassurance to the process.

These combined attributes make aligners highly popular among patients looking to enhance their dental alignment and confidently showcase their smiles without reservations.

Treatment Phases with Aligners

The treatment process with aligners unfolds in several key phases. It typically starts with an initial consultation where the orthodontist evaluates the patient's dental health, discusses the objectives of the treatment, and decides if dental aligners are the right choice.

If aligners are considered suitable, the next step is to create a customized treatment plan. This plan is devised based on dental impressions, which may also be taken digitally with an intraoral scanner. At this stage, patients can find out the estimated length of their treatment and preview the expected end results.

Following this, the individual aligners are manufactured. The time it takes to receive the aligners can vary, depending on the specific aligner system selected. During the treatment phase, it's necessary to wear the aligners for at least 20-22 hours daily. They can be briefly removed for eating and teeth cleaning. Continuous wear is crucial to achieve the desired outcomes.

The treatment duration differs from case to case, typically spanning 6-18 months. Throughout this period, the patient will transition through several sets of clear trays, gradually facilitating the teeth's straightening and alignment.

Regular appointments with the orthodontist are mandatory to track the progress and make any necessary adjustments to the treatment plan.

Aligners Post-Treatment Care

After achieving the desired outcomes and concluding the treatment, patients will be provided with comprehensive aftercare instructions by their orthodontist. This often includes the use of retainers to support the teeth in maintaining their new alignment and to prevent them from reverting to their former positions.

The importance of adhering to retainer use is critical for preserving the achieved results and should not be overlooked.

Continuing regular visits to the orthodontist is also crucial to promptly identify and address any potential issues that may arise. Additionally, practicing good oral hygiene is key to ensuring a lasting, beautiful, and healthy smile.

Aligners at Dentist in Sofia

Embarking on aligner treatment is a pivotal step towards your ideal smile. We recognize from experience that while this journey may be filled with anticipation, it can also be fraught with concerns, uncertainties, and numerous questions. That's why at Kavident dental clinic in Sofia, we're dedicated to supporting you and turning a confident, beautiful smile into an achievable outcome.

At Kavident, you'll encounter highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in orthodontics, ready to guide you towards the treatment best suited to your unique requirements and dental health.

Our goal is to transform dental procedures into enjoyable experiences while delivering the results our patients desire. We achieve the highest quality outcomes by employing the latest, cutting-edge equipment.

We've crafted an inviting and contemporary setting to ensure a sense of peace and comfort for all our visitors.

Don't hesitate to make the first move towards a stunning, well-aligned, and healthy smile with Kavident. Scheduling a consultation with one of our specialists is straightforward—either through our website or by calling the numbers provided.

Pricing for Aligners

The pricing for aligners is determined by the specifics of the required treatment. The overall dental health and any additional treatments needed prior to the aligner application are key considerations. A consultation with a Kavident orthodontist will provide you with essential advice and present a treatment plan customized to meet your needs.