Dental Bonding in Sofia

What is dental bonding?

Bonding is a cosmetic procedure that corrects any imperfections on the teeth using a photopolymer material. Dentists use this material to change the tooth's shape, size, or color.

For example, if you have a large gap between your teeth, with the help of the bonding procedure, you can enlarge the tooth and thus close the gap. In the case of a broken filling, our dentist may use bonding to restore the broken part.

Bonding procedure

Bonding is much more gentle on enamel than all other methods for achieving a beautiful smile, which is its main advantage.

An acid is applied to the tooth's surface, causing small pores in the tooth structure. The most important part begins after the tooth has been prepared - the application of the bond. It is a liquid photopolymer composed of glass or quartz mixed with resin.

This mixture enters the canals of the tooth and adheres to it firmly. It is applied one by one to the teeth to achieve a perfectly flat, white, and precisely sized surface.

The liquid photopolymer is hardened on the tooth's surface with the help of blue light, which is also used for photopolymer fillings, for example.

After the bond has been processed, another photopolymer with a pre-selected color is applied to give a natural effect. The materials used in the Kavident dental clinic are from leading global brands, ensuring that the final result is as perfect and long-lasting as possible.

Immediately after the end of the procedure, a slight discoloration appears on the teeth, which disappears within a few minutes, and then we can see the true color that has been achieved.

Bonding aftercare

After the bonding procedure, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing daily. Good habits will prolong the achieved effect, and you will have a perfect smile for longer. You should also be careful of bones and shells that can get into the food and damage the teeth.

The average duration of bonding is between 3 and 10 years, depending primarily on our habits. If we smoke and consume a lot of coffee, our teeth will change the achieved color faster. The important thing is that corrections are simple and can be done anytime, on several teeth or just one.

Front teeth bonding

A smile is one of the first things people notice, so how our front teeth look is important. Many people with dental problems are reluctant to smile, and it shows. Front teeth bonding is one of the most cost-effective and efficient procedures for correcting your front teeth problem.

With a composite material, you can lengthen the front teeth or close gaps between teeth, giving you a new smile in just one visit to our dental clinic. Front teeth are delicate to work with, so relying on specialists with years of experience is critical.

Dental bonding involves almost no loss of natural tooth enamel; only a minimal amount of enamel is removed, preserving the natural structure of the teeth.

Compared to veneers and crowns, bonding is less invasive and usually does not require anesthesia. The composite material can be made to match the color of the surrounding teeth so that your smile looks completely natural.

Bonding is becoming an increasingly popular method of cosmetic correction, as it is less expensive than veneers and crowns, which require castings and additional fabrications of porcelain or zirconia.
Also, the bonding procedure takes much less time than veneers and crowns, and you can finish the corrections within one visit.

Bonding or veneers

Many patients want to know the better option for achieving a beautiful smile: bonding or veneers. The truth is that it depends on each patient's individual needs, so it is critical to consult with one of our dental specialists before the procedure.

We will advise you on the best cosmetic procedure, depending on your preferences. Bonding is typically used to close gaps between teeth or to repair fractures. Veneers are a good option if you want the effect of whiter teeth for longer. Veneers are more expensive than bonding because they are made of porcelain and last longer.

For example, if you want to bond a front tooth extension, the price will be lower, but there is a risk of breakage because bonding involves bonding new material onto the tooth.

Veneers are stronger and last longer than crowns because they are made of porcelain in the shape of a tooth. When using veneers to lengthen your front teeth, they will be made of porcelain in the shape of your existing teeth to look natural.

Bonding and veneers will be made in the same color as the rest of the teeth, but bonding has a risk of changing color faster if we consume more coffee and carbonated drinks. Veneers are more resistant to influence from external factors.

Veneers are also a stronger material and last up to 20 years, depending on our diet and oral hygiene.
Bonding can last up to 10 years, mainly depending on how we take care of our teeth.

The cost of the bonding procedure is lower than the cost of veneers, and you can get the desired effect with just one visit to Kavident dental clinic.

Advantages of bonding

The biggest advantage of the bonding procedure is that you can get a beautiful smile with just one visit to the dental office. If you prefer veneers as an aesthetic correction option, you may need several visits to the clinic.

The procedure is completely painless, and adjustments are possible at any time to maintain the desired result. Bonding has a completely natural effect, especially when compared to veneers. That is why this procedure is becoming more popular.

Bonding is also a less expensive option from a financial perspective. In most cases, the procedure is only performed on the front teeth, or the number of teeth processed determines the visible part of the smile, and the cost of the procedure.

The procedure is suitable for all ages. Teeth whitening methods are well known in dentistry, and despite the innovations, several conditions may make us unsuitable patients.

If, for example, you have fillings in the visible part of the teeth, they will also change their color during whitening, and the desired effect will not be possible without their replacement. In addition, whitening increases the sensitivity of the teeth, and its price is also higher.

It is an easy way to restore the natural shape of the tooth if fractures are present. It can also be used as a temporary alternative to veneers before proceeding with their placement, so the patient can see the potential effect visually.

Bonding is suitable for people with sensitive teeth because the procedure creates a protective film, especially in the cervical area. This reduces the unpleasant pain that occurs when eating sweet and cold foods, for example.

Dental bonding price

The price of the procedure will depend mainly on the number of teeth you want to correct and also on the health of the teeth. If the teeth are too damaged, they may need to be replaced with crowns or implants. Before the procedure, it is necessary to consult with some of our specialists at the Kavident dental clinic, who will direct you to the most suitable method.