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Teeth Bonding in Sofia

What is Teeth Bonding

Bonding is a method of instantly obliterating various imperfections on a tooth surface, such as stains, fractures, disproportionate adjacent teeth, or too much distance between them. This is the easiest and least invasive method for aesthetic correction of the smile and restoring the shape, color, and texture of teeth.

Advantages of Teeth Bonding

  1. The greatest advantage of this method is that we can get a beautiful smile with just one visit to the dental office. This is impossible if we prefer veneers as an option for aesthetic correction.
  2. Bonding is also a much gentler option because it requires minimal filing of the tooth surface.
  3. The procedure is completely painless.
  4. Corrections are possible at any time to maintain the desired result.
  5. The bonding effect is completely natural, especially when compared to veneers. As a result, this procedure is increasingly preferred.
  6. Bonding is a much more affordable alternative from a financial point of view. In most cases, the procedure is performed only on the front teeth, on the visible part of the smile. Also, the price is determined according to the number of teeth that are processed.
  7. It is suitable for everyone. Teeth whitening methods are well known in dentistry, and despite the innovations, there are quite a few conditions in them that can make us inappropriate patients. For example, if you have fillings in the visible part of the teeth, they will also change their color with whitening, and the desired effect will not be possible without their replacement. Moreover, whitening increases the sensitivity of the teeth, and its cost is much higher.
  8. It is an easy way to restore the natural shape of the tooth, if there are any fractures.
  9. It can also be used as an alternative to veneers, a temporary effect before proceeding with their placement, so that the patient can see the possible effect visually.
  10. Bonding is also suitable for people with sensitive teeth because the procedure creates a protective film, especially in the neck area. This reduces the unpleasant pain that occurs when consuming sweet and cold.

Teeth Bonding Procedure

The bonding procedure is a mechanical and chemical connection of the photopolymer material to the tooth surface.

  1. The first step is to scratch the tooth surface and, if necessary, lightly file it. The main advantage of bonding is that it is much more enamel-friendly than all other methods of achieving a beautiful smile. This would be confirmed by the specialists at Kavident Dental Center, who recommend this procedure.
  2. The surface of the tooth is treated with acid, which creates small canals in the structure of the tooth.
  3. Once the tooth is prepared, proceed to the most important part – the application of the bond. It is a liquid photopolymer composed of glass or quartz, mixed with plastic resin.
  4. It enters and fills the canals of the tooth created in the preliminary step. It is applied precisely to the teeth one by one to achieve a perfectly flat, white, and accurate surface in size.
  5. The bond is hardened on the tooth surface using blue light, which is also used for photopolymer plumbs.
  6. After the bond has been processed, another photopolymer of a preselected color is applied to it to create a natural effect. The materials used at Kavident Dental Centre are from leading global brands, ensuring that the end result is perfect and lasts as long as possible.
  7. A slight staining appears immediately after the tooth procedure is completed, but it disappears within a few minutes, revealing the true color that has been achieved.

Teeth Bonding Aftercare

The effect lasts an average of 3 to 5 years, depending primarily on our habits. If you smoke or drink a lot of coffee, the bonding effect on our teeth will deteriorate more quickly. The important thing is that corrections are easy and can be done at any time, and they can be done on several teeth or just one.

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