Tartar cleaning Sofia

What is tartar

There are many reasons to make an appointment with and visit our dentist at Kavident Dental Clinic, but tartar does not seem to be one of the leading ones. Or, at least, not until it becomes the cause of a more serious problem that requires urgent dental intervention.

And here, as in so many other cases, prevention and prophylaxis are critical. To appreciate the significance of the procedure, we must first understand what tartar is and what its presence in the oral cavity can cause.

According to research, there are about 700 different types of bacteria in our mouth as part of the normal microflora. They form an invisible film on the teeth known as dental plaque. It is not pathogenic in and of itself and is therefore harmless to health.

However, when this bacteria-laden plaque mixes with food particles, acid is produced, leading to the destruction of tooth enamel.

We can remove some of the plaque with regular brushing and flossing, but not all of it. What remains unclean comes into contact with the minerals contained in the saliva and forms tartar. It is a hard deposit saturated with calcium salts. They form on the surface of the teeth, mostly near the gum, but can also penetrate beneath it.

We can easily detect the presence of tartar by running a finger along the surface of the tooth, because it becomes rough. Tartar becomes yellow and brownish as a result of the consumption of various foods and drinks, especially smoking, and becomes an unwanted destroyer of our beautiful smile.

The damage it causes to the teeth and gums is not only aesthetic but also harmful to their health. Plaque and tartar, which form as a result of accumulation and poor cleaning, cause several unpleasant consequences, ranging from bad breath due to the increased amount of bacteria, to the destruction of tooth enamel and periodontitis.

Therefore, we may experience symptoms such as severe pain when consuming cold, hot, or sweet foods and drinks. In more severe cases, failure to take timely action against the calculus results in the formation of caries and even tooth loss.

Of course, no one wants to be involved in these situations. But, if we believe that only regular at-home oral hygiene care is sufficient to deal with plaque and tartar, it is no surprise that we end up in the dentist's office with precisely such symptoms.

Because, no matter how good we are with the brush, paste, and floss, nothing can replace professional care.

Ultrasonic tartar cleaning

Kavident Dental Clinic uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to remove tartar quickly, easily, and painlessly, with excellent results. The ultrasonic cleaning procedure, also known as scaling, effectively breaks down even the most hardened plaque buildup on the enamel around and below the gum line.

For this purpose, a device with a vibrating tip is used, from which a fine jet of water is dispersed. It achieves results in minutes that are impossible to achieve at home, regardless of the calculus cleaning device we use.

We will likely experience some discomfort following the procedure, most notably bleeding from the gums. This is a completely normal effect of the mechanical actions performed and usually subsides within an hour or two.

Our dentist can recommend specific oral hygiene products to reduce discomfort and prolong the effect of tartar removal.

Kavident Dental Clinic also has a modern device that uses state-of-the-art Airflow technology. It is a perfect addition to the tartar removal procedure.

A detailed cleaning of the enamel is achieved, as with no other similar device, thanks to the powerful and precisely directed water-air jet mixed with abrasive particles. Furthermore, polishing is done without compromising its integrity.

Benefits of tartar cleaning

Through ultrasonic cleaning and the use of Airflow, all accumulated bacteria that are a prerequisite for the formation of caries are effectively eliminated. It also prevents the lifting of the gum and the formation of pockets in it, which is often accompanied by pain, discomfort when eating and even bleeding.

These are the symptoms of gingivitis and subsequent periodontitis. These gum diseases should not be underestimated because, in addition to causing significant inconvenience and preventing us from enjoying food, they can lead to tooth loss.

We must not overlook the fact that bacteria that live in the oral cavity can easily enter the bloodstream in the event of bleeding there. Once there, these bacteria can lead to a wide range of complications, including cardiovascular diseases, which are very dangerous to our general health.

Another immediate effect of tartar cleaning procedure is fresher breath, which, like our more beautiful and white smile, will not go unnoticed by others.

By removing overlays and stains, our teeth will also appear whiter, even if this is not the primary goal of cleaning and polishing. Therefore, if we also want to undergo professional teeth whitening, the tartar cleaning procedure is highly recommended because the enamel is perfectly prepared for the next step towards a perfect smile.

Furthermore, much less plaque accumulates on the well-polished surface of the tooth, allowing us to extend the interval between cleanings. And, contrary to popular belief, excessive tartar cleaning does not lead to increased tartar accumulation; in fact, the opposite is the case.

Tartar cleaning at home

Some people develop plaque and tartar more quickly than others. This may be due to a genetic predisposition or a difference in saliva composition. These processes are also influenced by a few other factors, including age, the use of certain medications, gum disease, and poor oral hygiene.

Therefore, our specialist from the Kavident dental clinic will give us an individual recommendation on how often it is necessary to carry out professional tartar cleaning to protect ourselves from all the undesirable consequences that we have already listed.

Because timely prevention of oral cavity problems is essential for its effectiveness. Of course, it is critical to take care of our teeth at home to reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar as much as possible.

Brushing your teeth with a hard toothbrush regularly will definitely reduce tartar build-up and prevent its rapid reappearance. We can reduce tartar build-up by, for example, quitting smoking, drinking less coffee, and cleaning our teeth and tongue carefully with the right products at least twice a day.

Dental care at home is just as important to our beautiful and healthy smile as professional services at Kavident. We can maintain perfect oral hygiene and significantly reduce the reasons for visits to the dentist by working together.

Therefore, by performing routine preventive procedures such as tartar cleaning, we not only save time but also avoid the cost of treatment.

Tartar cleaning price

The price of tartar cleaning is determined by the patient's health and the amount of tartar that has accumulated. Kavident recommends regular tartar cleaning and preventive clinic visits every 6 months.