Pediatric Dentist in Sofia

Choosing a pediatric dentist

It is essential that you get to the right place to save yourself unnecessary finances, headaches - and stressful situations for the young patients.

The foundations of healthy teeth are laid in childhood, and the child's first dental specialist can determine how the child will treat oral health care in the future.

Choosing a specialist is often based on preliminary research or recommendations from other satisfied patients of the particular dentist. Of course, it is not a bad idea to seek the advice of others, but it is critical that you pay a personal visit to the dental office you have chosen and hold a personal meeting.

Some dentists specialize in pediatric dentistry. They are your best bet because they have more experience with young patients as well as different types of problems and treatments.

The following are the most important factors to consider when selecting a children's dentist:

  • Good knowledge of pediatric dentistry
  • The right approach to young patients
  • High-level equipment
  • Friendly environment and atmosphere

When should the first visit happen?

According to popular belief, the first visit to the dentist occurs between the third and fourth years of a child's life. By this time, the child has all of their baby teeth, and it is essential to monitor their condition.

It is also critical to lay the foundation for proper oral health care, including regular visits to the dental office.
However, most experts recommend that the child see a dentist at the age of one and a half to two years to determine whether the baby teeth are growing normally.

First meeting with a pediatric dentist

It is essential that the child's first visit to the dentist be as stress-free as possible. It should be in the form of a friendly conversation. In this case, too, the dentist's approach is critical, as it can determine whether the young patient will return to the dental center willingly the next time or will be traumatized for life.

The first examination is informative; the dentist learns about the condition of the child's temporary teeth, bite, and jaw. This examination may be followed by recommendations for necessary future treatment, which should not begin with the first visit to the dentist. This eliminates the risk of injuring the young patient.

The parents accompany the child to the dentist's office for the first visit, and then it's all about his/her attitude and mood after that.

Pediatric Orthodontics

When the first permanent teeth appear in young patients, there are often issues with their placement in the oral cavity. Therefore, frequent visits should be made to the dental office to monitor the growth and begin orthodontic treatment as soon as possible.
The dentists at Kavident Dental Center are experts in the field of orthodontics and can provide you with the best solution for issues concerning teeth placement or bite in children. They should not be underestimated because they can cause physical discomfort when eating and become an impediment to social communication.

Why the first children's dentist is essential?

He will lay the foundation for the children's future dental care. He is responsible for teaching children how to brush their teeth. He must be able to motivate them to want white, healthy teeth. He must be able to turn healing into a game.

The pediatric dentist also advises parents on what habits their child should develop to maintain good oral hygiene. It is critical to understand which foods and beverages are beneficial for children's teeth and which are detrimental for them. Another significant problem is the fluoridation of teeth. The pediatric dentist can provide you with the best advice based on the young patient's dental status.

When a child considers his dentist a friend, he is more likely to listen to his advice. And if we choose one of the specialists at the Kavident Dental Center, every visit to the clinic will be a friendly meeting that ends with a gift for the little hero after he gets up from the dentist's chair.

Both children and their parents feel very comfortable in the calm and conducive dental office. It is critical to ensure that we have made the best decision for our loved ones.