Dental tourism in Sofia

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is a combination of rest and dental treatment. Citizens from other countries travel to Bulgaria with the primary goal of fixing oral cavity problems or obtaining the beautiful smile they have always desired. In the meantime, they can visit local attractions and become acquainted with the country's culture.

As a result, dental clinics have started to show up in many tourist destinations, which are of particular interest due to the opportunity to combine the useful with the pleasurable. However, when it comes to Bulgaria, the main flow of dental tourists is directed to the capital, which provides the most comprehensive range of high-quality dental services.

Why do people use dental tourism

Foreigners frequently choose dental tourism as a solution to serious dental problems that require expensive treatment or aesthetic procedures that are extremely expensive in their home country. The main reason is the price difference, but the main requirement is that it does not come at the expense of service quality.

Many elderly people decide to take drastic measures, such as extracting all of their remaining teeth and replacing them with dental implants.

Endodontic (root canal) treatment of one or more teeth is another popular service. This is usually followed by the construction and installation of crowns or bridges. Dentures of various types are also manufactured. Dental tourists are also interested in having their wisdom teeth surgically removed.

Bonding and veneering are the most prevalent aesthetic dentistry procedures.

What are the specifics of dental tourism

Foreigners can plan their own vacation with the primary goal of receiving dental treatment. In this case, it is necessary to locate a dental clinic, contact them, and set up a possible treatment period. Then you must plan your transportation and accommodation.

However, most people prefer to use the services of companies that specialize in dental tourism. They provide a comprehensive package of services and make transport and accommodation organization much easier.

Dental tourism is not suitable for treatments that require a longer period and repeated visits to the dental office. Such is the case with orthodontic treatment when it involves constructing and installing custom-made appliances because the process can take months or even years to achieve the desired result.

What Кavident offers for dental tourism

When you choose Kavident Dental Center, you will not need any additional intermediaries to organize your dental tourism trip. The clinic's team is ready to answer all of your questions, consult with you online, and prepare a treatment plan based on your needs and requirements in just one day.

The communication is done via email, and you must first send a panoramic X-ray. Kavident also provides additional services such as accommodation reservations and airport transports to and from the clinic.

Why is Kavident the best solution for dental tourism in Sofia

The highly qualified staff at Kavident ensures that you will receive the best service and treatment possible. Any foreigner will be impressed by the clinic's design. Not to mention the proverbial hospitality for all Bulgarians, of which everyone on the team can be proud.

They will greet and send you off with a smile, and when you leave, you will want to smile even wider and more often to show everyone the beautiful results. At Kavident, you will be in good hands, and you can rest assured that you will return from your vacation with a smile that will make everyone wonder how you got it.

The dental clinic maintains the highest level of hygiene and adheres to all health requirements and regulations. You also won't have to worry about communication because we'll be able to understand each other perfectly in English.

The equipment in the dental centre is of the highest quality. You can get painless caries treatment with Waterlase and new crowns and bridges made with CEREC technology. You can also have your teeth whitened with a laser or have root canals treated with the latest generation microscope.

High-quality dental services in Sofia

These high-quality services are very reasonably priced compared to their counterparts in other European cities. The difference benefits the patient, but not at the expense of quality.

If you decide to go on a dental tourism trip, there is no need to be hesitant - Kavident is the right place in Sofia to get the highest quality service at a European level, combined with a friendly attitude and an individual approach.

All you have to do is contact the clinic, and their staff will take care of the rest to make your dream smile come to reality. You will quickly be persuaded that Sofia is a lovely tourist destination as well as a place where dental care is of the highest European standard.