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Bone Grafting

Such procedure is required when you need implants but the bone is deficient and cannot support them.

Bone grafting involves adding bone or bonelike materials to the jaw. In most cases the implants can be placed right after the procedure and thus avoiding a second intervention.

There are several different procedures and sources of bone that can be used for bone augmentation. Your oral surgeon will select a procedure depending on the type, location and number of implants to be used. If you need a bone graft, it is important that you and your oral surgeon discuss all of the options available to you.

Sinus Lift

A sinus lift is a special form of jaw augmenting procedure. It is used when an implant should replace a tooth in the upper jaw and the maxillary sinuses are so wide that the bone is quite insufficient to support dental implant. Therefore the lower side of the maxillary sinuses is moved upward by grafting bone. In most cases the implant is placed immediately through which it holds the sinus membrane upwards.


Soft Tissue Grafting

Gums may recede as a result of inflammation or a rough teeth cleaning.  An exposed tooth root can not only look ugly, but can cause tooth sensitivity, and you may feel pain especially when eating cold or hot foods, like hot soup or ice cream. Also a tooth’s root decay may appear.

In order to improve the appearance of your smile and to stop suffering we can make soft tissue transplantation at certain conditions. A small piece of tissue is taken (most often from the palate) and stitched to the exposed root.


Root resection

Root resection is used to save tooth with an inflamed end of the tooth root instead of taking out the whole tooth. At this procedure few millimeters of the unhealthy root and of the surrounding infected bone tissue is removed.  When the inflammation is cured the natural tooth can be preserved for a long period.

That surgery procedure is not always recommended. Some cases require tooth extraction and its replacement by implant or other type of prostheses.

If you are confused about which procedure to choose, in our clinic you will receive a detailed and comprehensive consultation about the possible alternatives.


Apical resection of cysts (Cystectomy, Apical Osteotomy)

A cyst is a sack of tissue that has fluid inside it, and can be formed in different parts of the body. Cysts formed in the jawbone are most often caused due to paradontosis or tooth with an inflamed end of the root. Cysts usually do not cause pain but can become large with time and slowly to replace some bony tissue. Cysts should be removed as they prohibit the normal function of the teeth.

During the surgery procedure the cysts is entirely and carefully removed. In general, only local anesthetic is applied. Normally the resected area will recover itself by a new bone tissue, but in case of a very large cyst bonelike materials may be used to replace the missing bone part. The treatment will be accompanied with a detailed explanation of each procedure.


Wisdom tooth extraction

Wisdom teeth could be conserved if the following conditions:

  • When the down and upper jaw are big enough so they can grow properly
  • They do not cause pressure on the surrounding teeth
  • They do not cause inflammation. 

In certain cases they should be extracted – according to the expectations of our patients this intervention is painful. But we aim to ease you and to make this surgery procedure an existing experience.  Local anesthesia is administered to ensure the tooth can be pulled out without any discomfort. Before the procedure you will be given an advice on how to avoid swelling and discomfort.

Why KaviDent?

 We like to put our patients first! We strive to make our patients feel comfortable with us and after each visit to leave the clinic with confidence. Because we consider you not only our patient but also our partner.

The professional consultation is paramount for us. You will be offered in-depth professional advice which therapy is the best for you and a number of different options when providing our treatment.  We will discover your preferences and all your requirements will be taken into consideration.

In addition to the dental treatment our patients are offered a wide range of extra services – from mineral water and coffee to finance options at high-quality substitution of teeth.

Modern technical equipment is important prerequisite for the quality of dental services. Therefore our practice is equipped with full-range and comprehensive technic: from intraoral cameras and digital X-ray to last generation water laser. All these innovations contribute for a painless, quality and significantly shorter treatment.
If you have already visited us then you should know that we are a good team of professionals.  We strive to make treatments as comfortable as possible and take the time to be gentle. In case you have more questions and proposals simply use our contact form.